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10 Reasons to get a temporary airbrush tattoo!

  1. Had a tattoo in mind but scared you won’t like it once it’s permanently placed on your skin forever more? With a temporary airbrush tattoo you can experience everything a real tattoo has to offer; minus the pain or the permanence.

  2. Feel like a total badass. Why do people get tattoo’s anyways? Because they are super cool! With an airbrush tattoo you get to live a week in the life of a tattooed Rockstar. You’ll be super amazed about how many comments you will get from friends, family and strangers alike!

  3. Trick your friends and family. Your kids have been trying to get you to jump on the tattoo craze for years, but you’re not the type! With a temporary airbrush tattoo you’ll have your friends and family fooled that you are totally the type to jump up in a tattoo chair, endure hours of pain with no regrets of permanently altering your skin for life. Syke!

  4. Get an entire tattoo sleeve in minutes! Did you know an entire tattooed sleeve can take anywhere from 10-80 hours under the needle?!

  5. Get an entire temporary tattoo sleeve and save lots of money! A real entire sleeve tattoo can cost up $8000!

  6. Post picture of your tattoo and get a giggle seeing how many of your high school friends and acquaintances comment on how badass you’re looking these days.

  7. Change your mind often? With temporary airbrush tattoos, you can have a new tattoo, with a new design, in a new place on your body… every day of the week if you wanted! Temporary airbrush tattoos are waterproof but they come right off with alcohol. They also last for up to a week if you avoid rubbing alcohol!

  8. Do you have a job that would perhaps frown on excessive visible tattoos? Your career shouldn’t get in your way of experiencing what it feels like having a huge neck piece!

  9. Your kids want to look just like daddy who’s all tatted up? But you’re thinking that 8 years old is a little bit too young to get a tattoo! Let your kids enjoy the tattoo experience too!

  10. We’re all just big kids really! Life is way too serious, we all need as much fun in life as we can get! Get a temporary tattoo today and let your inner self out!!

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