Frequently asked questions

What is an airbrush tattoo?

Airbrush tattoos are temporary tattoos that are sprayed on using a system very similar to the one used for applying airbrush makeup. The artist
applying the tattoo will normally use a stencil to help create the design.

Does it hurt to get a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo?

No! Getting a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo is a pleasurable experience!

What kind of temporary airbrush tattoo inks do you use, and how safe is it for the skin?

Our inks are skin safe. Our ink contains FDA approved and non-toxic ingredients to ensure safety and sensitivity to all those who receive a tattoo.

How long does a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo last?

Our professionally applied tattoos last anywhere from 2 - 5 days depending on your skin type and where you place your tattoo.

  • Head, Upper arm, thigh, and calves last up to 3 days
  • Forearms last up to 3-5 days
  • Neck and chest 2 days

The duration of temporary airbrush tattoos depends on how it is cared for and the customer's skin type. Always pat dry your tattoo after a shower, do not rub. Apply baby powder after getting it wet to help reset the ink Avoid: Direct contact with oils, lotions, and soap.

How long before they dry?

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos inks are instant drying.

Are the tattoos waterproof?

Yes! Our ink is waterproof and won’t come off in the shower or pool!

How do I remove an airbrush tattoo?

Removal: Airbrush tattoos can get wet and last up to a week with proper care and depending on placement. To remove your tattoo, you can use rubbing
alcohol and a cotton ball. Do not rub too hard or this may irritate the skin. Alternatively, use baby oil or soap and a washcloth.

How long does it take to spray on one of your airbrush tattoos?

It takes our airbrush tattoo artist anywhere from 5 minutes to do a small tattoo with 1 color. Larger more intricate designs incorporating different colors can take 20 minutes or more. If inquiring about time on a specific tattoo feel free to contact us via phone or email)

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