Experiential Marketing

The Future of Advertising Is Here!

For Brand Managers

For Event Managers

Captivate & engage large  crowds with ease

Create brand awareness and community integration in a fun unique way

Promote your brand at events with a fun experience and amplify customer engagement.

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How do we do it?

Using a tailored, realistic, “Pop Up” tattoo parlor customized to suit any event, anywhere!

What do we do?

We create a fun way for your customers to connect with your brand using our realistic temporary tattoo's. Designed and tailored specifically for your event, promoting your brand's community and reach.

How far do we travel?

We provide our services extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

Who uses Reign Ink already?

Reign Ink Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Artists client Yamaha Motor Cycles
Reign Ink Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Artists client Harley Davidson Motor Cycles

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